Saturday, 23 February 2008

Thomas to the Spurs, what a move!!!

I am very surprised that the trade of Thomas to the Spurs has not been talked about more... Think about it:

the whole west has been trading for bigs, in order to essentially match with Duncan. What the Spurs did was to trade for the only player in the league that can defend Duncan 1 on 1. If a team wants to beat the Spurs ,defending TD without a double team is crucial. The Spurs are built around Duncan's passing off the double teams, when defense collapses on him for help. Play him 1 on 1 and 9 out of 10 times its a bucket. Thomas was one of the very few players that was big and agile enough to successfully defend Duncan without much help. So what the Spurs did were to trade for TD's kryptonite, which I consider a genius move!

Furthermore, there is another thing that made this trade a piece of brilliance: the Spurs' acquired the only player that defend can Amare Stoudamire!!! Thomas has been playing with him day in and out when he was with the Suns... After this trade, the Spurs have a frontcourt of TD, Oberto and Thomas, that can essentially lock down any center/forward in the NBA. I would lie to see how Gasol, Shaq, Garnett, Amare, Ming will handle the defense of the Spurs' frountcourt trio.

Yes, the West is now loaded, but after the Thomas move, the Spurs are more than ready for them.

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